Improving Processes

Most companies find it difficult to keep track of Health and Safety findings and accidents in an agile and dynamic way.

This is because they use tools or solutions that generate low productivity and results in this area.

In 2017, one of the most important organizations in the packaging industry in Latin America implemented a new Health and Safety system for all the companies in the group. At the beginning, the process was manual and complex, with printed forms, a lot of administrative work and people involved in it. This did not allow them to monitor or have statistics in real time.

For this reason, Algeiba set out to implement the Health & Safety solution that allows the company to see through an effective system of follow-up, monitoring and evaluation.

Dynamics was the best option, so every time they record an accident, they have all the data in a single system. Today they can monitor the status, the person in charge of it and how much time they have to solve the problem (KPI treatment).

Understanding and evaluating all possible delays in the process and having a friendly audit record are a must to work in a fast and dynamic way.

Health & Safety