We are a work team specialized in helping our Clients to keep each part of their organization safe, raising awareness in each area, preventing any type of threat and remedying the vulnerabilities found.
We accompany you to feel safe from anywhere, at any time and from any device.


Security Services


Access and Identity Management

  • We evaluate and develop security plans to minimize cybersecurity risks.

  • We analyze in real time, through a specialized team, the security incidents of any organization.

  • We design and execute software update processes, as well as backup and data recovery.

  • We analyze and integrate different identity repositories for managing access to the different services of your organization.

  • We implement access controls to increase security and thus decrease the risk of identity theft.

  • We design and implement access schemes to achieve a Least Privilege model.



of information

  • We design security policies for the protection of your data, which facilitate compliance with rules, regulations or work frameworks.

  • We analyze and implement solutions so that your data is encrypted no matter where they are.

  • We develop awareness plans to avoid information leaking out of your organization.



against threats

  • We monitor, analyze and protect our clients' devices and services against all kinds of threats.

  • We generate anti-Phishing awareness campaigns to evaluate the behavior of collaborators.

  • We design and implement solutions to keep all devices aligned with the organization's security policies.

Our customers

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